The #Respect Mental Health Story

The #Respect Mental Health Story

In the year 2020, Benjamin Seal had the idea of creating a charity calendar to raise funds for Samaritans. 

He rounded up people from Linkedin who wanted to help with his mission. People who had either experienced issues with their own mental health, or had people close to them that had. All working within the corporate world, where they soon realised mental health was a taboo.

The hashtag #respectmentalhealth was created to support this fundraiser, with many people following it immediately.

The calendar was created, with 12 amazing advocates for mental health agreeing to have their faces on display for a whole month and many were sold. 

But this was just the beginning of what was really meant for Respect Mental Health.

We realised how vast the stigma was around all forms of mental health and to put it simply, we did not like it!

So, we decided to stay, and make as much noise as possible to support individuals, minorities, majorities, and anybody that needed the help. 

We are now on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as LinkedIn, which was our original home. We have a range of merchandise available on our website, each logo representing the communities we support such as LGBTQ+, a logo for children, a logo for ex-military and of course, our original logo. Further logos to be added - watch this space! All proceeds are donated to charities that need the most help, and vary to ensure we are helping as many people as possible.

We have so much planned for 2021, a lot of which I may get fired for speaking about. But the most important thing that you need to know is that we are here to stay, and we like to make a LOT of noise!

If you like the sound of us and would like to support us, please head over to our website and from there, give us a follow on our socials.

Together, we can remove the stigma around mental health in its entirety.

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